Corky’s Version of the Reflective Dog Collar

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Corky’s Version of the Reflective Dog Collar


If you’re concerned about safety while walking your dog at night but they don’t like wearing clothes, this OverCollar™ is a great solution. Just put over the head and collar; there’s a hole for the leash to attach. In beautiful colors and a range of sizes, the high tech reflective tape has 360°  visibility, up to 1000 feet. Comes in Lab Black, Healer Blue, Precious Pink, Oh My Orange, Doggone Red, Hunter Green.


Corky’s founders, Alan Jacober and Steven Triedman, wanted to bring pet parents something that looked great and solved a problem they experienced with their dogs. Here’s their story, as told by one of their dogs:

I’m a city dog, as is my sister, but all of the rest of our siblings live in the suburbs and the country. Being a city dog, walks can be a challenge. Everyone see4ms to always be in a rush. I like to look good, take a leisurely stroll, take in the sights.

I consider myself a big dog, and I assume everyone can see me. Not true! This led me to work with a team of humans to develop jackets and Overcollars™ (because I have a lot of hair, you can’t see my collar) hat have great 360° visibility, can be seen up to 1,000 feet away and are stylish and comfortable.

They are made with MiraFab™, a weatherproof, wind resistant material that repels water, maintains my body temperature, is fast drying, easy to care for and is lined with micro-polar fleece, which is really cool! Rain bounces off my jacket.

My siblings in the ‘burbs and country, were impressed with the styles, colors, quality and all of the features. There is no more complaining from my sisters, and they are not bashful about their opinions when they have to go out in the rain or snow!

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Lab Black, Healer Blue, Precious Pink, Oh My Orange, Doggone Red, Hunter Green


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