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Diamond Knit Dog Sweater from Bhutan


I’m so excited about featuring this new company, Chews Happiness™, in my boutique. Creating beautiful fashion inspired by the traditional clothing of Bhutan, each piece is hand-woven by artisans in Bhutan, with happiness vibes from this Himalayan country included (they are the only country who gauges the Gross National Happiness of its people)!

The diamond, seen in many traditional Bhutanese textiles, signifies the awakened mind and ultimate truth. Diamonds have always been known as one of the world’s hardest natural materials. It is practically indestructible and, therefore, represents spiritual power, which also cannot be destroyed.

The Diamond “Hug,” as their apparel is called,  is crafted with hues of five colors (green, blue, red, white, and yellow) corresponding to the five elements (wood, water, fire, iron, and earth). The main color, purple, represents mysticism and spirituality. Blue is associated with purity and healing. Each hug features a pocket with a hand-woven traditional Bhutanese motif with a unique spiritual message.

And, Chews Happiness™ has partnered with a U.S. master weaver, who is crafting Bhutan-inspired, matching Hugs for humans! The matching Diamond garment is a Tunic. Are you and your pup mysterious mystics? Or, maybe the Sunray or the Karma motif speak to you. Discover them in the boutique!


Why are these garments called Hugs? Because they celebrate the love between us and our dogs. Each knit dog sweater is handwoven with meaningful patterns, symbolizing connections among all beings. And, they wrap you and your pup in cozy comfort and warmth. Made from yak down, they are 10-40% warmer than merino wool and are naturally antimicrobial. And very luxurious, and coveted more by master weavers than cashmere!

All garments are made of cruelty-free yak wool, the luxurious, silky-soft undercoat of the yak, which it naturally sheds each Spring.

When you purchase a Chews Happiness™ garment, you are contributing to whole new industries they’ve helped to build in Bhutan, employing local artisans who now have sources of income, based on fair trade, their own self-sustaining businesses and the ability to maintain their traditional lifestyles. That’s Gross National Happiness at work!

Dry clean recommended. Can hand wash, cool water. Lay flat to dry. May be slight shrinkage with hand washing. Can stretch gently to regain original size.

Chews Happiness™ brings you high-quality products created in a way that enhances the lives of all beings who touch them, from the yaks who offer their incredible wool, to the herders who collect the wool, to the artisans who knit and weave these works of art, to your doggie and you. Love that. Indulge.


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