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Furry Tales: For the Love of a Dog


Designer Siw Amina Bech, from Norwegian brand Furry Tales, makes whimsical pet jewelry that has a pop culture stamp I love.  I have this saying hanging on the wall of my office. It’s not that I need reminding. We who love dogs know this inherently. But, seeing it makes me smile, because it’s so so true. Wearing it…well, a gift. 🙂

Made of cool-looking cabochon in 16mm, with lovely pink paw prints inside, steel and a ball chain.


It took a trip to Vegas for her birthday with her two Chihuahuas, Molly Amelia Button and Emma Yazemine Button, for Siw Amina Bech to discover what she was meant to do. After receiving some beads, pearls and other bling as a present, and inspired by the flashy Vegas culture, Siw created some pieces for Molly and Emma and took them out on the town. That first day, she received an order.

Since then, Siw has chosen iconic words and catch phrases and included them in cool-looking pendants and dangles for our pets. But, she hasn’t forgotten about us! Matching bracelets for her Love collection and others are also available. My Chihuahua, Anabelle, and I love our matching, baby pink beaded necklaces. Perfect to show your love for your pup and great for Spring.

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One Size – 35.5"


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