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PoochieBoots, the Fashionable Dog Boot Strap Sets


PoochieBoots™ is the cool, new and very different dog boot on the market and Bark & Swagger is the only outside boutique to carry them! With suburb style, fit and function PoochieBoots™ are the only dog boot with “detachable, interchangeable, decorative” velcro straps. Go from hipster to Hollywood in an instant, with ease. And, with eight different sizes, PoochieBoots™ will fit even the tiniest of pups. No more rough or painful paws from extreme temps, both hot and cold, and the dreaded snow melt chemicals and salt! They are EASY to get on and they STAY ON!

Each set of boots come in a storage pouch and include 2 sets of straps, black/white gingham and black/red zebra straps as shown. Each additional set of straps is $12.50.

And, for every set of boots you purchase, PoochieBoots™  gives $1 to The North Shore Animal League, one of the world’s largest NO-KILL animal rescue and adoption organization. We love that!

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Feast your eyes on the options to change straps, from glitter to sunglasses, from plaid to pearls, from superheroes to exotics. Stock up on different looks for every occasion, even holidays. These fashionable dog boots will take your pooch anywhere, in style.


  • Protect dogs’ paws from exposure to new environments: extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and snowmelt chemicals
  • Integrated knit cuff keeps dirt out and helps to keep boots on
  • Waterproof/breathable soft-shell fabric with cozy fleece lining
  • Traction is improved with flexible, non-marking, high mileage waterproof sole


  • Remove straps- place protective velcro strips (comes in pouch pocket) over velcro on boot to prevent cuffs from getting snagged.
  • Wash in cold water
  • Gentle cycle
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry


  • Sizes 0-3. Attach hook (rough part) to boot and simply wrap around and attach for a SNUG fit.
  • Sizes 4-7 With decorative side down, attach hook (rough part) to boot, wrap it around and feed through cinch clip, then tighten and attach for SNUG fit.

*Please note- Excess strap can be trimmed with a scissor for a custom fit. To prevent fraying, simply light a match and quickly singe ends. DO NOT attempt while dog is wearing boots! 🙂

Note: Dogs cool themselves by perspiring through their pads. If you are using boots in warm weather, be sure to take breaks and remove the boots from time to time.

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