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The Convenience Collar


Love water? Sports? This beautiful, durable, waterproof collar made from a strong and innovative plastic mixture with neoprene lining is for you. It’s soft, comfortable and comes in gorgeous, bright colors!


Hunter is one of the most sought-after luxury pet brands in all of Europe. A three-decade long, family-owned business in Germany, they set the highest standards for quality in pet accessories. To own a Hunter piece says you’re discerning about quality and comfort and you want a timeless look that is made to last. These products are hand-crafted in Germany, and Just Your Friend is the direct importer of Hunter products for the U.S.

We own and love the Hunter brand.

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35 (8.7" – 11.8”), 40 (10.6" – 13”), 45 (12.6" – 15.7”), 50 (14.6" – 17.7”), 55 (16.5" – 19.7”), 60 (18.5" – 21.6”), 65 (20.5" – 23.6”)


Bright Pink, Neon Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Turquoise, Black, Grey


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